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Art and Stories Wanted

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Closing date for Expressions of Interest: 30th June 2024

Wild North is delighted to feature the art and writing which our talented attendees and fans create. We produce a conbook each year to showcase these creations. We also use artwork for our posters, website, and other materials.

Would you like to create something for us? Thank you very much! Here are some details to help you get started…

Our Theme

We are looking for works that represent our theme of 'The Enchanted Forest'. Elements you may like to include are:

  • Natural woodland colours (with an 'enchanted' twist)

  • Woodland plants, trees, ferns, flowers, toadstools, pinecones

  • Forest creatures such as squirrels, deer, foxes, badgers, shrews, birds

  • Mythical creatures such as unicorns and enfields

  • Fae/faerie elements

  • Celtic/Norse/Druidic themes

  • Candles, lanterns, fairy lights

Please email your works to

Our animals

Deciding whom to draw? Any anthro animal is fine, and we'd particularly love to see our red squirrel Twizell and his companions.

Learn more about them here.

Twizell has his own ref sheet - click the picture to enlarge.



- The conbook is A5 portrait (148mm x 210mm) at 300dpi.
- When you submit your work, please tell us your preferred name so we can credit you correctly.
- While we will do our best to use every submission, we cannot guarantee to use everything we receive.
- Age rating: characters may be depicted in general-audience settings. Given the historical inspiration for our event, characters may also appear in 'PG-rated' settings such as fantasy-style combat. The 'Redwall' novels by Brian Jacques are a suitable equivalent.

For artwork…
- We would love submissions of single-character pictures with a transparent or simple background.
- PDF and TIFF files are great for us. We can accept PNG and JPG, although some quality may be lost.
- Set the resolution between 300dpi and 600dpi. We want your hard work printed to the best standard.
- Ensure a 3mm bleed on all artwork with backgrounds, so nothing important is cut off during printing.
- In general, the larger, the better!

For stories…
- Please keep your writing to a maximum of 1000 words.

So that you know, Wild North is a not-for-profit convention. We genuinely appreciate all submissions donated for our con book. We make it our priority to credit everyone who helps our conbook flourish. Thank you for supporting our contribution to the furry fandom.

Please email your works to

Artwork by Gem Squirrel and Corelle-Vairel

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