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Wild North 2024

Wild North 2014 poster

Welcome to Wild North

Wild North is a furry convention held in the Northumberland countryside.

Our goal is to provide a relaxed, affordable convention with a particular focus on people and great company. Therefore we offer a different experience from more typical furry conventions.


We operate on an ‘all-inclusive’ basis. Accommodation, meals and soft drinks are included with registration. We are a collaborative con: attendees help with organising activities, catering, and generally making the event run.


Wild North has been held in-person and online since 2018.

Our 2024 theme: “The Enchanted Forest”


High in the north-country, miles from city life, there lies a castle, nestled beside a forest. When day and night stand equal, as the greenery of summer gives way to the tapestry of autumn... cross the bridge, traverse the rushing waters, and enter a place where the natural spirit of our island lives on. What wonders and what creatures await you there?

Poster Art by Stefi Heartlilly (

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