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Wild North is a convention for the furry fandom, based in Northumberland, northern England, UK. Our goal is to provide a smaller, affordable convention with a particular focus on people and great company. Therefore we offer a different experience from more typical fur cons.

This website will be updated ahead of 2022 registration, which will open in the New Year. For a preview of 2022, or to see what we did in 2021, see below.

Wild North 2021

Tails of the Seven Seas

Live, Free of charge, Online!

Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 October 2021

From 2pm each day (UK time)

While we are unable to meet you in person at Wild North, we are happy to reveal that we will be bringing Wild North to you all, because once again we're going virtual!

On the 2nd & 3rd October, we will have a livestream featuring some of the events that we would offer to the Wild North experience, except everyone can watch along and even take part!

How to take part

Our main channel for the stream

Head over here to chat, hang out, and take part in games

What's On

All times are British Summer Time (UTC+1)

Both days

All Day: Dealers' Den

Our traders have wares if you have doubloons (sterling also acceptable)

Saturday 2 October

2pm: Welcome

2.10pm: Introducing our charity

A message from our charity, the Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter.

2.20pm - Fundraising and Prizes

Donate to our charity, and here's what you can win!

2.30pm Choose Your Quest (Part 1) - with Tyde

An interactive story, where you can guide our squirrel mascot Twizell on an original quest. Your votes will determine the choices Twizell makes across the weekend.

2.45pm: Nautical Animal Tails - with Silverley

A selection of animal-themed stories.

3.15pm: Choose Your Quest (Part 2)

3.30pm: The Tavern

Recalling stories and experiences of our time within our fandom.

5.00pm: Choose Your Quest (Part 3)

5.15pm: Art session - wtih Miku

Learn some drawing tips and tricks, and create your own piece of art!

6.15pm: Choose Your Quest - (Part 4)

6.30pm: Nautical Ghost Stories - with Greskil

As the autumn night draws in, Greskil will share some truly spooky stories.

7.00pm: Choose Your Quest - (Part 5)

7.15pm - Kraken Up

Funny moments from pirate video games

7.45pm - Choose Your Quest (Part 6)

8.00pm: End of Day 1,

See out the first day with Jackbox, Cards Against Humanity and other games.

Sunday 3 October

2.00pm: Introduction to Day 2

2.05pm: Charity and fundraising (recap)

2.15pm - Choose Your Quest (Part 7)

2.30pm - Pirate Weapons vs Melons

2.45pm: Choose Your Quest (part 8)

3.00pm: Quiz - with Gamepopper

Play along with this Wild North-themed quiz. Questions on animals, history, the Fandom, and more!

4.00pm - Choose Your Quest (part 9)

4.15pm - Story Competition

We'll enjoy your tales of seafaring animals, before the winner is announced.

4.45pm: Choose Your Quest (part 10)

5.00pm: Music session - with Greskil

Greskil and friends entertain us with music, song and dance.

5.40pm: Choose Your Quest (part 11)

6.00pm: Drunken Sailor singalong

What shall we do with the drunken sailor? For better or worse, we're taking audience requests.

6.15pm: Choose Your Quest (part 12)

The adventure may have concluded by now. If not, join us for the final instalment.

6.30pm: Sea Shanty - Roll Northumbria

The Wild North Musicians share this tale of the ill-fated vessel.

6.40pm: Charity giveaway and prize announcement

7.15pm: Closing Ceremony

Thank you for watching! Time to wish everyone farewell, and see what we've raised for charity.

7.30pm: Jackbox games (open end)

But once again, don't leave us yet! We'll be firing up Jackbox for a final play-along.

Meanwhile, check out our YouTube channel for an idea of what we offer.

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