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Featherstone Castle, Northumberland

Featherstone Castle is deep in the Northumberland countryside. Originally dating from the 13th Century, the Grade 1 listed building is well-equipped for groups of roughly a few dozen, and offers a great ‘canvas’ for tailoring events. The castle has a range of event spaces, from a spacious open ballroom to a cosy fire-lit lounge. It also comes with a large, fully-stocked kitchen for group catering, meaning we are in the unique position to offer food and meals as part of attendance. Bedrooms range in size from doubles to larger dorms, giving options for groups of all sizes.

It is worth noting, we are staying in an historical rural building, which has seen numerous additions and changes over the centuries. This makes Wild North a somewhat different experience to a regular hotel-based con. So for example, you may wish to bring extra clothing or a blanket, as autumn nights in northern England can get chilly.

Also, we have exclusive use and largely free rein over the building for the weekend. So there will also be an element of everyone putting their paws in and making this event happen – though we think that’s part of the fun!


The venue has a range of room sizes, from doubles to bunkhouse-style dorms. You can choose your room allocation after you have paid.

Attendees will need to bring their own bedding, sleeping bag, etc.

Showers and Baths

Shower facilities are similar to a campsite. There is a shower block, a standalone shower, and baths.


We welcome all members of the fandom, regardless of their level of ability. There are bedrooms, bathrooms and showers on the ground floor. In addition, some bedrooms are reserved for persons with physical conditions, and are available first-come-first-served. We do feel it’s important to highlight that, as an historical building, the venue is unfortunately not fully accessible. Most event spaces are on the first floor, up at least one flight of stairs, and there are uneven surfaces inside and outside. There are no lifts in the venue.

That said, we will do our best to accommodate all attendees. If you have any queries or questions about accessibility, please email us.

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