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At the Event

“This is our event.”

Wild North happens because of you, our attendees. Our focus has always been on collaboration and taking part. During our stay, we all get involved to help shape the event. Tasks can include preparing meals, washing dishes, getting involved with activities, keeping the castle tidy, or anything else you can think of. We also have an organising team to prepare the event, offer support and promote your panels and activities – feel free to contact them to discuss your ideas.

This approach has set us apart from other fandom events, ever since our first gathering in 2018. This spirit of teamwork and community is a key part of the Wild North experience.

That said, there are some practical matters to consider, so please see these below:

Check-in time

3pm - Thursday 26th September (setup day)

2pm – Friday 27th September (main day)

Check-out time

11am – Monday 30th September

Welcome Pack

Upon arriving, all attendees will receive a welcome pack. This will include items such as:

  •  Conbook

  •  Sweets

  •  Drinks

  •  Personalised gift

Souvenir T-shirts will also be available to pre-order. Price £15


The schedule will be finalised in summer 2024. For an idea of what will be running, check our 2023 schedule.


All food and soft drinks are included at the convention. Meals may include:

  • Breakfast each morning – a mix of Full English and cereals, with tea, coffee and juice.

  • Curry Night

  • BBQ

  • Twizell Toasties

  • Takeaway run (additional cost applies)

Merrin Cooking bacon

Artwork by Symrea Art 

Trip to Beamish Museum

On Monday 30 September, as is tradition, we will be visiting Beamish Museum, the award-winning Living Museum of the North. After check-out (11am), we will drive there as a group (journey time 1 hour 10 minutes). There is loads to see and do, so we will likely be there until closing (5pm).

We will part ways at the museum exit. If you are using public transport, please arrange a lift with other attendees, for example to Chester-le-Street or Durham (for trains), or to Newcastle (for coaches). Alternatively, there are buses to local destinations such as Chester-le-Street, Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland. See the Beamish Museum website for details.

If you are joining us for Beamish, we suggest NOT booking a return train ticket from Haltwhistle: this is 1 hour from Beamish, and other stations are closer. We will not be returning to the Haltwhistle area after Beamish.

This is an open-air museum. While you can travel around the museum by tram and bus, some areas are 15 minutes from the exit, so please plan your departure accordingly.

This is an optional event, and admission fees apply.

What to Bring

Here are some things you may wish to bring. We will have a final list before the event in September.

  • Proof of age

  • Bedding: sleeping bag or blanket

  • Sheet, extra pillow, pillowcase (if you would like)

  • Warm clothes

  • Toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, soap, shampoo)

  • Towels

  • Multi-socket extension cord

  • Cash for Sunday takeaway and for Trading Post

  • Spending money for Beamish Museum – admission (price £27.95 adult, £21.25 student), food and gifts

  • Snacks and drinks (optional) 

twizell with a travel pack

Artwork by Symrea Art 


Every year, we raise money for a good cause. We have supported several local, animal-based charities over the years, raising over £2,500 to help our fluffy friends.

For 2024, we are delighted to welcome back Little Paws Ferret Rescue as our charity.

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