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Covid-19 Guidance

COVID-19 remains a part of our lives, and this is likely to be the case in September 2024.

For this reason, we have introduced guidance to make Wild North 2024 as safe and enjoyable as possible.

This guidance will be updated as and when circumstances change.

If you feel unwell before the event

Do not travel to the event if you are too unwell to do your normal activities. Stay at home and avoid contact with other people. Please also contact us as soon as possible.

You can find out about COVID symptoms here: 

What should I do?

  • Get vaccinated. 

  • Consider taking a COVID test.


We expect and encourage all attendees to complete a full course of COVID-19 vaccination (unless medically exempt). This means at least two doses of AstraZeneca, Novavax, Pfizer, Spikevax (Moderna) or Valneva, or at least one dose of Janssen, 14 days or more before your first day at the event. 

Covid Test

You may wish to consider taking a COVID test (lateral flow or PCR). If you do, we suggest testing the day before you travel, in order to avoid disappointment. For example, if you are arriving on 27 September, take your test on 26 September.

Tests are available at pharmacies, supermarkets, and other locations. Charges may apply. The nearest pharmacy is:

Boots plc, Westgate, Haltwhistle, NE49 9AF

We will not be offering tests on-site. 

If you test positive – do not travel to the event. Self-isolate, and follow government and health service rules. Please also contact us as soon as possible. 

If you feel unwell during the event

If you become too unwell to participate in Wild North, please let the Organisers know, and then depart from the venue. We all need to keep our fellow attendees healthy, and we encourage everyone to be responsible on this matter.

Face coverings

You may wish to wear a face covering inside the venue. Please respect people who wish to wear a face covering.

Government guidance

We will follow UK Government guidance at the time of the event. 

Any questions?

Please contact the organisers at

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